Blue Christmas Worship – Wednesday, December 21, 6pm

Blue Christmas Worship – Wednesday, December 21, 6pm

We might wonder what Blue Christmas is. Blue Christmas is a Western Christian tradition that happens on the longest darkness of the year, December 21st, also called the Winter Solstice. This is a contemplative service, offered especially for those hurting during this holiday season; those who lost their loved ones, including those who are suffering from illness, addiction, violence, loneliness, financial hardship, conflict, etc.

We gather in the midst of suffering to remember that God indeed arrives by way of deep darkness. We want to tell the world that God, the maker of the cosmos, chose to lovingly draw near to our broken world by way of a human birth on the longest night of the year. God indeed is near. We are not alone and we have every reason to hold on to hope.

This is the first time we are having Blue Christmas in our church. We will be taking our time to remember those who are going through difficult situations, those who have lost their loved ones or those who are suffering in body, mind and spirit. We do this so that the Light of Christ might shine and bring hope and healing.

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